John English

John English

The Man Behind Automated Entertainment:

John English is a man of Integrity, Innovation and Ingenuity. He has been active with social entertainment for over 30 years, creating pool tournaments and leagues, organizing promotions and interacting with people everywhere. Now Automated Entertainment uses the internet to do it in a flash.

John was once the SCDA (CALIFORNIA SERVICE DEALERS ASSOCIATION) president and now the current Treasurer of CEMA (CALIFORNIA ENTERTAINMENT MACHINE ASSOCIATION). John’s accomplishments in the arena of entertainment include having been the owner of the largest video rental store in AVA (AMERICAN VIDEO ASSOCIATION).

Now, John is involved with many locations in the L.A. and Orange County areas, featuring the newest and hottest innovations in the Automated Entertainment industry.

John’s Goals for Automated Entertainment locations:

-Use my services to free up your time; that means more time for your business.

-Make more money using my capital.

-Take away the daily problems of running the equipment.

-Let me bring in new customers for you through Automated Entertainment’s amenities.

Have Fun. Make Money.